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Legion: The Eternal War is an upcoming game being developed by Nexus Division. Its release date is currently unknown.

Description[edit | edit source]

Legion: The Eternal War is an MMORPG in which players create their characters, join alliances, and go to battle in a competitive environment. The fantasy world is wholly original, custom-made, and ready to transport PC gamers to a realm of magic and legend. The game will be filled with entertaining stories, rewarding progression systems, and refined mechanics. All of this is presented to produce a memorable experience highlighted by social interaction and nail-biting tension.

Game support[edit | edit source]

This wiki does not provide official game support.

Development[edit | edit source]

Legion: The Eternal War is being developed by Nexus Division, an independent coalition of [X] individuals including programmers, animators, artists, and writers with respectable experience in their fields. While the game is still early in development, a wealth of progress has already been made, and the game is already available on Steam for limited access testing. Over 3,000 testers have registered for game keys, the Nexus Division website has over 11,000 views, and the project has already been publicized via a news outlet. As demonstrated by the game’s growing community, the developing project is already generating interest in the public.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Legion: The Eternal War will have two primary divisions of gameplay that dynamically interweave with each other: PvE and PvP. All of this will be unified by a distinct universal combat system. This gameplay will be crucial to the game's success, since much of the experience can only be founded upon a properly programmed system. Fortunately, much of this system has been outlined and prepared and some of it has been implemented within early testing builds.

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