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PvP is one of the upcoming features in Legion: The Eternal War. It's primarily designed to be competitive, rewarding, and enjoyable.

Description[edit | edit source]

Player vs. player combat is planned to be as dynamic and exciting as possible in Legion: The Eternal War. A variety of unique avenues for competitive play are being developed with the goal of immersive, rewarding, thrilling experiences. No rules, just consequences.

PvP should be competitive and rewarding. Legion is developing a unique system that rewards players for being the strongest warriors and the most lethal opponents. Killing enemies of the opposite alliance rewards Enemy Kill points. These points act as a token that allows players to redeem unique rewards.

Upon death, players have a chance to drop random items from player inventory. That means going to war shouldn't be taken lightly. Additionally there are unique items such as the "Stone of Expiation" which sacrifices itself in place of the random item a player can lose. These unique stones may be hard to come by but a wise player will horde them before going out to battle.

Our unique tug-of-war system is designed to produce regular skirmishes between our major factions. This is established within our default world set-up of a split map. One half is occupied by humans and the other by elves. Between them is a large rift that is heavily involved with our story. As battles are won, land is given away in zones to those factions with the highest kill count. Bonuses are given to the faction that is winning over a particular location.

Additionally weekly events with a focus on Player vs. Player combat are also being developed such as city vs. city raids, PvP events with no consequences for death, double EK point events, guild battles, castle battles, capture the flag and much more.

Beyond that players can form guilds and coordinate battles against opposing guilds and alliances. They can take and hold castles or perform long-term sieges on enemy assets. Guilds can earn a special form of EK that allows them unique rewards focused on building your faction out and conquering the opponent.

Those wishing for a more personal balanced form of PvP can duel 1v1 inside the Rime, our unique battle arena. Players can observe fights, gamble, and cheer as well from amidst the stands of the Rime.