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Alliances can be formed in the game. This can be done with either the Humans or the Elves.

Description[edit | edit source]

Legion’s Alliance system will be its driving force; the entire premise of the game in all its aspects. The population (consisting of both PCs and NPCs) is divided into two sides: the humans and the elves. In the final, release version of the game, players will begin as neutral “traveler” characters--refugees from a foreign territory. They will spend the opening hours of the game learning about the two sides, understanding the conflict, deciding which alliance they wish to join. When they make their decision, they commit to one side in the game's conflict. This decides their role in PvP, PvE, and the overarching narrative.

Players can choose between Humans or Elves to dictate their fate for the entirety of the game. Pledging allegiance too only one of the two. There is a limit of one character for each account, Players will however have a chance to view each alliance before deciding because of our Hierarchy System.

There are technically three alliances within Legion: The Eternal War, Players as they choose can decide to go rogue on their own alliance. This comes into play when players earn negative reputation points, Killing members from your own alliance within city limits will transcend your global status to a criminal with red lettering. You will be deemed by everyone as an enemy which they can kill to earn positive reputation along with your rewards caused by death.

Once Rogue status has been applied you will forever become enemy to both the Elves and humans, Everyone.